Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year Award 


Mr. Changming Liu (劉昌明)

Co-founder, CTO and board director of Aerohive Networks Inc

As a board member and Chief Technology Officer, Changming Liu, is one of the successful entrepreneurs, an immigrant from Mainland China. Widely considered as technology visionary, he co-founded Aerohive Networks, Inc. in 2006 when Wi-Fi was still nascent. With his vision of ubiquitous, secure and high speed wireless access which has become reality today, he brought in fundamental architectural shift into the wireless industry as how enterprises deploy and manage their wireless networks. With the focus of its enterprise customers, Aerohive has enjoyed a tremendous growth starting from 2009 after financial crisis was over. It was recognized as the 5th fastest growing technology company in North America by Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Aerohive went public in NYSE in 2014, after exactly 8 years since its inception. 

Mr. Liu has held a number of significant positions within Aerohive since he co-founded the Company. He was the founding CEO for the initial starting year when he successfully raised the first round of capital, built a strong R&D team, and invented revolutionary technology, which benefits tens of thousands of customers as of today. As a CTO, his strategic thinking and direction, product leadership, endless passion have contributed greatly to Aerohive’s fast rise to become one of the top wireless companies in the world. 

Besides his daily job at Aerohive, Mr. Liu is also an active angel investor and advisor for other startup companies. He enjoys sharing his experience with younger generation of entrepreneurs, helping them with business plan development, fund raising, technology and product direction setting as well as general operations. He is an advisor of several angel investment groups. He has a huge sense of achievement when seeing other entrepreneurs to become very successful. Several of his early investments have successful exit in last two years while he is actively supporting the recent ones.

Prior to founding Aerohive, Mr. Liu was a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks, which he joined following its acquisition of NetScreen Technologies in April 2004. As an early employee and a key architect, with his technology vision and skills he helped shape its product direction and development of its security products. That helped Netscreen become one of the successful networking company founded by Chinese engineers from Mainland China. It went IPO within 4 years and was acquired by Juniper two years later with $4.4B. 

Previously, Mr. Liu held other key positions with Nortel Networks. Before moving to United States, he founded Newwave Computel Solutions in Canada and worked there for several years. Mr. Liu is the author of more than dozen patents spanning from data networking, security and wireless. Mr. Liu holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University in Beijing and an M.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Queen's University, Ontario, Canada.