Silicon Valley Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award  

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Dr. Jaushin Lee 

President and CEO of Zentera Systems

Dr. Lee is a serial entrepreneur who for over 15 years has been founding technology companies to execute on his vision for the future intersection of enterprise networking, security and computing.

Currently, Dr. Lee is the founder and CEO of Zentera Systems, the leader in multicloud security and networking. He is the visionary architect behind the Zentera CoIP® (Cloud over IP®) platform that enables enterprises and cloud service vendors to dramatically accelerate the provisioning of virtual network security infrastructure across cloud datacenters and enterprise on-premise environments. His industry-leading CoIP innovation has been deployed for worldwide operations by global corporations. It is the first infrastructure security solution for the multicloud, delivering workload isolation, shield, and filtering to secure enterprise production workloads.

In 2012, Dr. Lee started Zentera with a vision to address a critical industry requirement that he could foresee would enable widespread adoption of the cloud – the need to merge on-premise security functionality with cloud workloads and applications.  Winner of the 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Award, 2016 TIE50 Top Startup Award and 2017 Info Security Startup of the Year Silver Award, Zentera is based in Silicon Valley with engineering offices in Taiwan.

By combining security engines from security providers - such as Intel Security (McAfee), Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Security and Symantec - with its multicloud service isolation and shield, Dr. Lee’s CoIP gives enterprises a complete solution for multicloud infrastructure security. Zentera’s infrastructure security is also being selected to power secure IoT and telecom service operations.

Dr. Lee has more than 20 years of R&D management and executive experience in networking and computing engineering. Before Zentera, he was the founder and CEO of Imera Systems, which provided secure enterprise collaboration solutions. He built Imera from the ground up, raised three rounds of funding, and successfully acquired a number of Global 2000 enterprise customers with a multi-million dollar run rate. Earlier in his career, he managed Cisco’s network search engine program, supporting numerous critical product lines such as the CRS-1 router, Catalyst 4K and Catalyst 6K, among others. Jaushin has held management positions with Terawave Communications and Silicon Graphics, as well as served as an assistant professorship with the EE Department at University of Virginia.

Dr. Lee earned a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an MS from Columbia University, and a BS from National Taiwan University, all in EE. He has published numerous international conference and journal papers and been granted more than 20 US patents.