CIE/USA-SF 2016 Distinguished Achievement Award in Technology and Humanity/Humanities 

Han Ping Chen

Dr. Han Ping Chen (陳漢平)

Dr. Chen is an outstanding computer scientist and a successful entrepreneur, as well as a popular Chinese writer.

He received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from UCLA. Before coming to the US, he received his BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

He founded Active Design Corporation, an IC design company. Before that, he was an engineering director at Hughes Aircraft Company in charge of airborne wafer-scale supercomputer design for fighter airplanes and surveillance satellites.

He has a well-balanced view between technology and humanity. Besides his electronic and computer profession, he wrote modern poetries, essays, novels, and columns for magazines and newspapers, including World Journal in the US and United Daily News in Taiwan. He published 5 best-selling literature books, including “Having JAVA in Silicon Valley”, “Above the Da Vince Code”, “Equations of Life”, and “Love and Laughter”.

He also made significant contributions to the cultural and professional activities in the Chinese American community. He served as President of the Chinese American Professional Society, Chinese Computer Association, Chiao Tung University Alumni Association, and Northern California Chinese Writers Association.

陳漢平 電腦博士&作家
美國加州大學洛杉磯分校 UCLA 電腦博士
創立IC公司Active Design為上市公司高價併購
著有《在矽谷喝 Java 咖啡》《超越達文西密碼》《生活方程式》《愛與幽默》《誰怕電腦》等書