CIE/USA-SF 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award in Technology and Humanity/Humanities 

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Prof. Hung Cheng (鄭洪院士,麻省理工學院)

Professor Hung Cheng  was born  in Canton, China, in 1937. Going to Taiwan in 1951, he entered Taiwan University in 1954. In 1959 he started graduate school at Caltech, obtaining his PhD degree in 1961 majoring in theoretical physics. In 1973 his surprising prediction (with TT Wu 吳大峻院士) of the indefinite rise of the proton cross section with energies was seen in the experiments at CERN, Geneva. (New York Times, front page, March 9 1973; Physics Today, May 1973). Since then this prediction has continued  to be verified at energies thousand times higher. He was elected a member of the Academia  Sinica in 1978 and has been a professor at MIT for fifty-one years. 

In 1989, Professor Cheng corrected a theory by Herman Weyl which had been proposed to explain the origin of the photon. It supplanted Einstein's unified field theory but failed to incorporate the principle of general relativity. With the correction the interaction of Weyl's 'photon' with the electron completely vanishes. It is hence not the photon but a candidate for dark matter. 

Professor Cheng devoted the spare time of the last ten years of his life writing an English novel entitled 'Nanjing Never Cries', a story told in the backdrop of the Nanjing Massacre. He has also translated this novel into the Chinese novel 「南京不哭」.