2013 CIE-SF Annual Conference Dinner Banquet Keynote Speaker

ed lee

Mr. Edwin M. Lee, Mayor of San Francisco

Edwin M. Lee, 59, was sworn in on January 8, 2012 as the 43rd Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. Lee is the first Asian-American mayor in San Francisco history. Lee was elected on November 8, 2011 by the people of San Francisco while he was serving as Interim Mayor, appointed unanimously as successor mayor by the Board of Supervisors on January 11, 2011 to fill the remaining year of former Mayor Gavin Newsom’s term who was sworn in as California’s Lieutenant Governor.

While serving as Interim Mayor, Lee championed balancing the budget to keep San Francisco safe, solvent and successful, reforming City pensions, economic development, job creation and public safety as his top priorities. Mayor Lee has worked hard to keep the economy and economic recovery on track, create jobs for residents and everything that supports a thriving economic climate like parks, transit, housing, quality of life in neighborhoods and public safety.

In the current term, Mayor Lee will keep his focus on economic development and job creation, taking responsibility for building San Francisco’s future, taking responsibility for helping each other and making City government more responsive, efficient and accountable through innovation and technology. This is what it will take to keep San Francisco a thriving, diverse, dynamic city of great neighborhoods, but also one that is a global hub for innovation and new economy industries.

In 2010, Mayor Lee was appointed to a second term as City Administrator by Mayor Newsom and his appointment was confirmed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors. As City Administrator, Mayor Lee spearheaded government efficiency measures and reforms that reduced the size and cost of government, from reducing the vehicle fleet to consolidating departments and back office functions to save tax dollars. He implemented the City’s move to cleaner vehicles and an infrastructure to support electric vehicles and green City government. Mayor Lee also developed and oversaw implementation of the City’s first ever Ten Year Capital Plan to guide our capital priorities and infrastructure investment.

Working with the Department of Emergency Management, Mayor Lee has overseen the City’s disaster recovery and response planning efforts, bringing every department together to coordinate response and recovery for the next major earthquake or emergency. With the Fire Chief, Mayor Lee led efforts to work with PG&E to assess the City’s gas and electric infrastructure and ensure its safety and reliability. For the 2010 U.S. Census, Mayor Lee organized the outreach efforts to ensure our City continues to make progress on inclusion and cultural competency.

Mayor Lee first began working for the City and County of San Francisco in 1989 as the Investigator for the City’s first Whistle Blower Ordinance and has since served as the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, Director of City Purchasing, and Director of the Department of Public Works before he was first appointed as City Administrator in 2005.

Prior to his employment with the City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Lee was the Managing Attorney for the San Francisco Asian Law Caucus, for which he worked from 1979 to 1989. Mayor Lee was born in Seattle, Washington. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bowdoin College in 1974 and from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, in 1978. Mayor Lee is married to his wife Anita and is the father of two daughters Brianna and Tania.


2013 CIE Annual Conference Afternoon Technical Program
Theme: Mobile Life and Technology

Emmett Kilgariff 2013 Speaker Web

Mr. Emmett Kilgariff, Nvidia Corporation

Biography: Emmett Kilgariff graduated from Purdue with a BSEE in 1980. He is currently VP of GPU architecture at Nvidia Corporation, where he has worked for the last twelve years, and has been responsible for dozens of GPUs. Since graduating from Purdue, Emmett has worked at many different companies, including Sun Microsystems, SGI, 3dfx, Nvidia, etc.

Talk Title: “The role of the GPU in Mobile and the Cloud”

Abstract: The new computing paradigm involves mobile computers with many sensors and apps connected to data and computers on the cloud, yielding innovative new use cases and applications. Mr. Kilgariff will discuss the role of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in this new paradigm, both on the mobile device, doing heavy lifting for the user interface, games and image processing, and also in the cloud, enabling data security and applications to run on any device.

 Tao Li 2013 Speaker Web  

Mr. Tao Li, Qualcomm

Biography: Mr. Tao Li received his BSEE from Peking University in 1995, MSEE from Purdue University, West Lafayette in 1998, and MBA from UCLA Anderson Business School in 2008. Tao Li has worked in the wireless industry for over 13 years. He joined Qualcomm as a hardware engineer, participated and led several 2G/3G modems GPS receiver, and multi-mode mobile TV receiver development and commercialization. After transferring to product management, he managed the mobile TV product line, the integrated solutions and business partnerships of terrestrial/cable/satellite broadcast technologies for the media processors, and the business and product development for advanced Wi-Fi technologies including 802.11ad/WiGig. He currently has over 8 US and international patents (granted/pending).

Talk Title: “60GHz technologies are coming to improve life quality”

Abstract: 60GHz is a globally available unlicensed frequency band (57GHz-66GHz). Among a few standards enabling operations in frequencies around 60GHz and capable of very high throughput, we expect 802.11ad/WiGig sponsored by Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) and WiGig Alliance (WGA), will become the mainstream standard for 60GHz and will be widely supported by all major chip vendors and OEMs. Wi-Fi/WiGig 60GHz devices can transfer data and stream high definition videos from very short range to room range at multi-gigabit per second speed (up to 6.7Gbps) with high power efficiency, enabling new wireless connectivity, computing, multi-media and mobile applications.

Jessica Zhang 2013 Speaker Web

Jessica Zhang, Dell Computer
:Jessica Zhang is a seasoned product management and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the mobile and wireless communication enablement technology industry. She is currently a Sr. Product Manager for the K Mobile product line at Dell KACE which was successfully acquired by Dell for its leading industry solutions for managing massive fleets of computers, smart phones and tablets and a complex myriad of enterprise and personal applications. Prior to Dell, Jessica worked at Synopsys for seven years where she led a number of product launches and marketing initiatives with key players in the global wireless communications products supply chain.
Jessica was the Vice President of Mobile Internet at the Silicon Valley Chinese Wireless Technology Association (SVCWireless) and a founding member of the “SVCWireless Best Mobile App Competition” - a flagship start-up catalyst program promoting mobile app discoverability and monetization. Jessica holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, OH, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley.

Talk Title: “The Explosive Growth of Mobile Devices and Applications – Challenges and Opportunities”

Abstract: Ever-accelerating mobile and wireless communication technology progress is driving explosive adoption of mobile devices and applications at home and work. Popular trends such as the consumerization of information technology and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are further blurring business and personal boundaries. This talk will discuss the impact of these technology and business trends on the work/life environment that intimately affects our day-to-day life, some of the key challenges, as well as solutions such as coping with lost or stolen mobile devices, productivity improvement, and workflow efficiency that are pertinent to diverse industries across financial services, retail, healthcare, government and education.

Alexis Medina 2013 Speaker Web


Ms. Alexis Medina, and Professor Scott Rozelle, Stanford University

Bio: Alexis Medina is the Program Manager for Health and Nutrition at the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University. She has been researching the economics of social issues in China for over ten years, and has co-authored several academic publications on the intersection of health and education in rural China. She has extensive experience in international program management and development-related fieldwork, including at the Harvard University School of Public Health. Alexis speaks fluent Mandarin, and holds a Master’s in East Asian Studies from Yale University.

 Talk Title: “Mobile Messaging for Health and Education: Using Technology toPenetrate China’s Rural Interior”

Abstract: China’s poorest villages are often its most remote. Health and educational outcomes in these areas are the lowest in the nation, but rugged geography makes sustained social and educational campaigns difficult, if not impossible. The Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University is experimenting with an alternative way of reaching these far-flung communities: mobile technology. Could text messaging be an effective tool to lift these areas out of poverty? To answer this question, we take a closer look at a sustained project to improve community health by teaching rural parents about good child nutrition— all via mobile technology

Lawrence Loh 2013 Speaker Web

Dr. K. Lawrence Loh, MediaTek USA, San Jose, California

Biography: Dr. Kou-Hung Lawrence Loh received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas in 1991. After graduation, he joined IMP Inc., in Pleasanton, CA, as a Staff Engineer, where he contributed to magnetic recording read/write channel circuits and systems design. From 1993 to 1998, Dr. Loh was with Cirrus Logic Inc., Fremont, CA, where his last position was Director of Analog IC Engineering. In June 1998, Dr. Loh became an independent consultant, and later he founded Silicon Bridge Inc., where he successfully led a number of consulting/technology development projects with major US and Taiwan fabless semiconductor companies including MediaTek Inc., Altera Corporation, Faraday and VIA Technology, etc. In October 2004, Dr. Loh joined MediaTek Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan, a world-leading fabless semiconductor company in wireless communications, connectivity, networking, optical storage and digital home/consumer business. From 2005 to 2010, he represented MediaTek and served for 5 consecutive years in ISSCC Technical Program Committee (ITPC). Dr. Loh holds the position as MediaTek’s Corporate Vice President and President/GM of MediaTek USA Inc. He is responsible for North America/Europe R&D/business operations as well as MediaTek’s global centralized engineering group in circuits, analog/mixed-signal and RF design for all product lines and technologies development.

Talk Title “Engineering Challenges and Technology Trends for Mobile Devices SOC Development”

Abstract: In recent years, mobile computing devices such as smart phones and tablets have become ubiquitous to fill in everyone’s life in the modern world. The industry dynamics have demonstrated large mid-to-entry smart phones/tablets business opportunities for SOC developers to catch. Overwhelming innovations and applications around the mobile platforms have become major driving forces for semiconductor companies to develop SOCs with multiple dimensions of technologies such as CPU, GPU, memory accesses, multimedia/image signal processors, cellular MODEMs and wireless/wired connectivity. It is well known that Power, Performance and Cost (PPC) have always been the three most important factors to consider for mobile devices, while full capabilities in developing advanced IC technologies such as fabrication process, packaging and innovative circuits /systems designs will continue to be the entrance ticket to play in the SOC business.